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Our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless experience, guiding you through every step of the process, from listing your powerboat to the final closing. Our team of experienced brokers is dedicated to maximizing the value of your vessel, leveraging market insights and a vast network to connect your boat with the right buyer. We take care of the details, providing professional marketing, negotiation support, and thorough documentation assistance, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

Let Launch Brokerage expertly guide you through the intricacies of powerboat sales. We provide a tailored, stress-free experience that concludes with a successful closing, allowing you to seamlessly transition to your next maritime adventure.

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We leverage cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to accelerate the sale of your boat, ensuring maximum visibility and attracting prospective buyers swiftly.
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We strategically showcase your boat at prominent boat shows and events, harnessing the power of in-person exposure to captivate potential buyers.
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We expedite your boat sale by leveraging targeted print advertising to maximize visibility and generate swift buyer interest.
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We harness social media’s reach to maximize visibility, accelerating your boat sale by attracting potential buyers swiftly.
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We expedite your boat sale through strategic email marketing, reaching a targeted audience and generating swift interest from potential buyers.
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We personalize your boat-selling experience with our dedicated team, ensuring an efficient and tailored process that maximizes your vessel’s value.
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Frequently Asked Questions
on Selling Your Boat

What is a boat broker?
A boat broker serves as a professional intermediary in the buying, selling, or chartering of boats and yachts, playing a pivotal role in the marine industry. These experts facilitate transactions by leveraging their knowledge of various boat types, market trends, and pricing. Sellers engage boat brokers for effective marketing and connecting with potential buyers, while buyers enlist their services to find vessels that align with their preferences. Boat brokers manage the entire transaction process, handling tasks such as market analysis, advertising, negotiations, and paperwork. They also coordinate essential elements like surveys and sea trials to ensure the boat's condition and seaworthiness, serving as trusted advisors to both buyers and sellers for a smooth and informed boat transaction.
Why sell with a boat broker vs a boat dealership?
Opting to sell your boat through a boat broker rather than a dealership has distinct advantages. Boat brokers offer a more personalized and flexible approach to marketing your vessel, reaching a broader audience across various platforms. Unlike dealerships, brokers provide individualized attention, guiding you through pricing strategies and negotiations. With potentially lower overhead costs than dealership consignment fees, selling through a broker may maximize your return on the sale. In summary, choosing a boat broker ensures a more customer-centric and adaptable experience, tailored to your boat and selling preferences.
What is the best time of year to sell a boat?
The optimal time to sell a boat often depends on various factors, but generally, the boating market tends to be more active during the spring and early summer months. This period aligns with the boating season in many regions, and potential buyers are actively seeking vessels for the upcoming summer. Warmer weather and longer days encourage more people to engage in boating activities, creating a higher demand for boats. However, regional variations, local boating seasons, and the type of boat can influence the ideal selling time. It's advisable to consider these factors and consult with a boat broker for personalized guidance on the best timing based on your specific circumstances.
How do I select a boat broker?
When selecting a boat broker, research local options based on their experience, reputation, and specialization in the type of boat you're dealing with. Seek recommendations, read reviews, and ensure they are licensed and adhere to ethical standards. Interview potential brokers to gauge their market knowledge, communication style, and negotiation approach. Choose a broker with a track record of success, effective marketing strategies, and a network relevant to your needs. Trust and communication are crucial, so opt for a broker who instills confidence and aligns with your preferences for a smooth transaction.
How long do boats hold their value?
Boats' depreciation rates vary based on factors like type, age, and market demand. Generally, new boats experience quicker depreciation initially, but the rate slows with time, especially with proper maintenance. Well-maintained boats can retain value for an extended period. Market trends, technological changes, and upkeep influence resale value. Regular maintenance, upgrades, and good condition contribute to preserving a boat's value. Researching and consulting industry experts can provide insights into the depreciation patterns for a specific type of boat.
What is the fastest way to sell a boat?
The quickest way to sell a boat often involves engaging the services of a reputable boat brokerage company. These professionals have the expertise to effectively market your boat, determine a competitive price, and tap into their network to find potential buyers. Boat brokers streamline the selling process by handling negotiations, paperwork, and ensuring your boat is presented in the best possible light. Their experience and industry connections can significantly expedite the sale, providing a faster and more efficient transaction compared to individual efforts. If a speedy sale is a priority, leveraging the resources and expertise of a boat brokerage company can be a highly effective strategy.
How long does it take to close on a boat?
The timeframe to close on a boat sale varies but generally ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months. Closing through a boat brokerage company may expedite the process, leveraging their expertise and network. The duration depends on factors like market conditions, buyer and seller motivation, and transaction complexity. Simple deals may close quickly, while more intricate transactions, involving financing or negotiations, may take longer. The responsiveness of both parties to necessary tasks, such as paperwork and inspections, also influences the closing timeline.
How do I sell my boat if I still owe money on it?
When selling a boat with an outstanding loan through a brokerage company, begin by transparently discussing the loan situation with the broker. They will assess the boat's market value, determine a realistic selling price, and facilitate the sale. Once a buyer is found, the brokerage assists in settling the outstanding loan balance, ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership. Stay in communication with both the broker and the lender to navigate the sale efficiently and fulfill financial obligations tied to the boat.
“I have worked with Walt on both buying and selling a boat and both experiences were five star! From accessibility to knowledge and actually taking the time to teach me to operate a complicated speedboat Walt was happy to help. "

- Mike Mistretta
“With Walt’s invaluable assistance at Launch Brokerage Services, selling my boat was a breeze. His expertise and commitment ensured a smooth process, and I got a great deal. Launch Brokerage is the go-to for anyone looking to sell their boat hassle-free!”