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At Launch Brokerage Services, we pride ourselves on simplifying the intricate process of buying and selling luxury powerboats. With strategically positioned offices spanning across Florida, our team of specialists is dedicated to ensuring each transaction is executed with unparalleled expertise and efficiency. From adeptly navigating the market to securing the ideal vessel, we streamline the entire experience, making your venture into powerboat ownership not only straightforward but also immensely rewarding. Trust Launch Brokerage Services to pilot you seamlessly through the world of luxury powerboats, turning your aspirations into navigable reality.
Our Offerings Include:
  • Market Analysis
  • Listing Services
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Documentation and Paperwork
  • Financing Assistance
  • Inspection Coordination
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Client Consultation
Our Offerings Include:
At Launch Brokerage Services, our focus is on simplifying the boat transaction process. Whether you're buying or selling, we offer practical assistance from start to finish. We begin with a thorough market analysis to position your boat effectively and create clear, compelling listings. Our goal is to handle negotiations, paperwork, and compliance efficiently.
What sets us apart at Launch Brokerage Services is our commitment to a personalized and client-centric approach. We understand that every boat transaction is unique, and we tailor our services to your specific needs. Our experienced team brings a depth of industry knowledge, ensuring that your boat is not just sold but strategically positioned in the market. We pride ourselves on transparent communication, reliability, and a steadfast dedication to being more than just brokers – we're partners invested in your long-term success on the water.
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Walt Braithwaite, the founder of Launch Brokerage Services, brings a lifetime of passion and expertise to the boat and marine industry. With an enduring commitment to the boating lifestyle, our brokerage has been established to redefine the boat transaction experience.

Under Walt's leadership, our mission is clear: to combine years of industry insights with a forward-thinking approach, creating a brokerage that prioritizes authenticity and excellence. Launch Brokerage Services is not only a transaction facilitator but your trusted partner in every aspect of your maritime journey. We are dedicated to building genuine connections within our boating community, emphasizing transparency, reliability, and a shared passion for the boating lifestyle.

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