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Brittany Miller
Dec 14, 2023
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Top five High-Performance Boats of 2024

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2024 promises to be a year of innovation, design excellence, and unparalleled speed for the high-speed boat industry. As we navigate the seas of cutting-edge technology and engineering marvels, it's time to spotlight the top five high-performance boats of 2024. These boats are not just raising the bar; they're reshaping the landscape of high-performance boating in 2024. 

1. 2024 Amp 37XPR

Introducing the latest addition to AMP's already impressive lineup of high-performance boats, the AMP 37XPR. This state-of-the-art boat, measuring 37 feet in length and an overall 39.5 feet, showcases precise design and agility in boating. Despite its dry weight of only 5600 lbs, this exceptional craft sets new benchmarks for speed and handling.

With a maximum horsepower rating of 1200 HP, the AMP 37XPR offers an adrenaline-inducing experience on the water. Its beam, measuring 10’4”, ensures stability while navigating through varying water conditions, complemented by a tunnel surface area of 173 square feet and a tunnel width of 63 inches, designed to optimize efficiency on the water.

The AMP 37XPR has Mercury's easy-to-use controls, making steering smooth and straightforward, improving how the boat handles on the water. It's equipped with Mercury Racing engines and fuel filters, ensuring a powerful performance. Plus, its Mercury hydraulic steering allows for easy and precise control, making steering hassle-free and responsive while cruising.

This high-performance craft isn't just about power—it's engineered for practicality too. Featuring a generous fuel capacity of 164 gallons, the AMP 37XPR ensures prolonged excursions without compromising on speed. Additionally, with a seating capacity for up to 8 individuals, this vessel harmoniously balances thrill-seeking with social enjoyment, making it an ideal choice for both adventurers and leisure-seekers alike.

The new 2024 AMP 37XPR showcases an impressive lineup of standard features. The lighting configuration includes 2 Lumitec RGBW underwater lights and 6 Lumitec RGBW courtesy lights, enhancing both underwater ambiance and onboard visibility. As for seating, the AMP 37XPR spares no expense in comfort and style. It features premium custom upholstery meticulously crafted by Miami Prestige, showcasing a captivating two-tone pattern with quilted inserts and accent color piping for an elegant touch. The vessel offers four adjustable racerback seats—two forward inward-facing and two middle outward-facing—providing personalized comfort for passengers. 

Visit American Marine Performance today to learn more about the new 2024 AMP37XPR and availability.

2. Malibu - M242

The 2024 Malibu M242 is an all-new high-performance boat that redefines excellence on the water. With its sleek design and modern features, the M242  measures in at a  hull length of 24’2” and a beam spanning 8’5”. This vessel's shallow draft of 32 inches enables it to navigate various water conditions with ease while accommodating up to 17 passengers—Weighing in at approximately 7,500 pounds, the M242 boasts a weight capacity of 2,397 pounds. Its fuel capacity of 94 gallons provides an extended range, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy longer excursions on the water without frequent refueling.

What sets the M242 apart is its incredible power and agility. With a maximum factory ballast of 4,719 pounds, this vessel offers exceptional stability and an amazing wake-surfing experience. Equipped with 607 horsepower and 606 ft-lbs of torque, this boat is engineered to deliver an exhilarating ride, making it a dream for thrill-seekers and wave chasers. The M242 features Malibu's signature M-Line hull type. This hull design ensures superior handling, precision control, and remarkable maneuverability, Letting riders have an exceptional level of speed and flexibility while on the water.

The Malibu M242 goes beyond high performance with all-new, exclusive innovations designed to enhance the onboard experience. Among these cutting-edge features are the Max-Relax™ Sundeck Loungers, offering luxurious relaxation zones for passengers to unwind and bask in the sun's warmth while cruising on the water. Additionally, the E-Z Stash Board Locker™ provides convenient and secure storage for water sports equipment, ensuring a clutter-free deck and easy access to gear when the adventure calls. Moreover, the Raise-&-Laze Armrest™ introduces undeniable comfort, allowing passengers to adjust armrests effortlessly, finding their preferred position for ultimate relaxation during the journey. These innovative additions further enhance the M242's appeal, blending practicality, comfort, and sophistication to deliver a memorable experience for all aboard. Visit the Malibu website to learn more.

3. Mastercraft NXT24

Presenting the 2024 MasterCraft NXT24, a revolutionary high-performance boat engineered to set new standards on the water. Measuring 24 feet in length and 8’5” in width, this craft achieves an ideal combination of space and comfort, providing substantial room for up to 16 passengers to unwind.

Supplied with the newest features, the 2024 NXT24 transforms the boating experience. Its 7-inch touchscreen and redesigned dash enhance control and accessibility, while the NXT SurfStar software offers riders customization with three Rapid Surf wave options on each side and integrated foil profiles. Moreover, the NXT24 comes standard with the Advanced Audio package, including up to 6 cockpit speakers and a commanding 10-inch subwoofer.

Weighing 5,000 pounds, this craft achieves a sweet spot between agility and stability allowing smooth navigation through different water depths and easy handling. The boat's sleek design and optimal weight enhance performance without compromising the 65-gallon fuel capacity, delivering efficiency and endurance.

The NXT24's remarkable wake creation capabilities stem from its 3,300-pound SurfStar technology-equipped ballast, offering customizable and impressive waves for wakeboarding and surfing enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the vessel's 2,250-pound capacity ensures a stable and comfortable ride for all passengers. MasterCraft's Vector Drive hull design delivers precise handling, exceptional control, and impressive responsiveness on the water. Storage is a priority in the NXT24, with a roomy 150 cubic feet, ensuring abundant space to store gear, equipment, and personal belongings. This design helps maintain a clutter-free deck. From its modern technology to its spacious design, every aspect is meticulously crafted to elevate the on-water experience. Learn more by visiting Mastercraft.

4. Cigarette 52’ Thunder

Discover top-notch luxury aboard the Cigarette 52' Thunder. This impressive boat, stretching 52 feet long with a 14-foot beam, sets new standards for top-quality boating. Engineered for astonishing speed and control, the Thunder's standout feature is its use of cutting-edge materials and techniques. These enhancements guarantee a smoother ride, reducing noise and vibration for an overall improved experience.

Featuring the option of either 6 Mercury 500Rs or 4 Mercury 600 V12s engines, this high-performance boat caters to thrill-seekers and boating enthusiasts who crave power and precision. Its creative design includes a carbon-fiber inner lining in the hull, maximizing handling and stability on the water alongside its wide beam.

The Thunder's helm is equipped with dual 24” Garmin displays on a nano-coated panel, providing a sleek and user-friendly interface. Packed with amenities like cup holders, phone holders, stainless steel grab bars, and a side electric sliding door, the helm promises a luxurious boating experience.

The Thunder's carbon-fiber hardtop is both elegant and practical. Featuring a double curvature design and housing clear-laminated safety glass for wind protection, integrated floodlights, handrails, and ambient lighting it offers comfort and protection in style. Step inside the Thunder and experience luxury at its finest. The deck's LED lighting, controllable through the Garmin displays, offers an array of color options, setting the perfect atmosphere. With seven forward racing seats, a lounge area with a sunshade, and an 8-foot-wide Summer kitchen featuring a plancha grill and sink, the Thunder ensures unparalleled relaxation and entertainment. The cabin boasts premium bovine leather and hosts a full-sized bed, electric privacy glass, a custom sofa, and air conditioning. With its combination of technological advancements and lavish amenities, the Cigarette 52' Thunder delivers a worthy high-performance boating experience, combining style and functionality.

5. Aviara AV36

The new 2024 Aviara AV36  boasts a length of 36’8” and a beam of 10’10”  Its flexible drafts range from 2 feet and 7 inches to 3 feet and 6 inches, making it adaptable across various water conditions. 

Weighing a solid 15,500 pounds, the 2024 AV36 creates a unity of strength and dexterity, ensuring it responds quickly and delivers an exciting ride on the water.  The AV36 is equipped with Electric Hydraulic Steering featuring a Tilt Helm, alongside an Elevated Helm and Dual Folding footrests for added comfort and convenience. The Ilmor Digital Dashboard (7" for I/O Only) and Mercury Vessel View (7" Simrad for OB Only) further augment its functionality, while the Surface Touch Glass Switches and Color Coordinated Italian Crafted Steering Wheel add a touch of elegance to this high-performance boat.

The Aviara AV36 exceeds expectations with its standard features, ensuring a notable boating experience. Its 100% Fiberglass Composite Structure guarantees durability and resilience.

The Aviara AV36 standard features includes:

  •  built-in insulated bow cooler to keep refreshments at the perfect temperature
  • carbon-reinforced cockpit flooring provides a sturdy foundation
  •  fender storage for 4 fenders to keep the deck uncluttered 
  • double-wide helm seat, equipped with individual flip-up bolsters and slide function
  • fiberglass hardtop
  •  lighting and speakers

The Aviara AV36 offers an upscale cabin and head layout designed for comfort and convenience. Its convertible L-shaped lounge seating effortlessly transforms into a berth for two, maximizing space and providing a cozy sleeping area. The cabin features integrated amenities such as an integrated sink with a faucet, a mirror, and overhead cabinet storage for easy organization.

Additionally, the head is equipped with top-notch facilities including a porcelain electric toilet with a 26-gallon waste holding tank, ensuring ease and efficiency. With a skylight made of tinted glass, solid surface countertops, a teak table with a filler cushion, and ample undersink storage, Overall, the Aviara AV36 is Aviara's commitment to delivering both style and speed, promising a blend of luxury and performance in the high-speed boating world of 2024.

In conclusion

our review of the top five high-performance boats of 2024, it's apparent that this year's selection signifies a fusion of innovation, expert engineering, and lifestyle. From their robust engines to their cutting-edge features, these high-performance boats redefine the benchmarks for speed, comfort, and sophistication, signaling a new era in boating standards. Whether you're drawn to dynamic speed or luxury, these top contenders provide a glimpse into the exciting advancements shaping the landscape of high-performance boating in 2024 and beyond.